Strategies XXI

International Scientific Conference

Sections of the conference 




Romania and the new dynamics of international security and geopolitics

(Panel 1 & 2 – hosted by National Defence College)


  • The Black Sea region - a geo-strategical pivot of the contemporary history
  • Romania as a turntable of pan-Eurasian strategic corridors
  • Security and leadership in the "Global Balkans"


The complex and dynamic nature of the security environment

(Panel 3 – hosted by Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies)


  • Concepts and Theories in Security and Defence
  • Areas of Strategic Interest – national perspectives
  • Ukraine conflict. Shaping future security and defence policy
  • Impact of climate change on national security
  • Hybrid threat – mindsetter in contemporary security environment
  • Strategic scenarios – prospective studies in security and defence
  • NATO and EU in confronting the emerging security challenges


Strategic changes in security and international relations

(Panel 4 & 6  – hosted by Hosted by Security and Defence College)


  • Theoretical aspects of security and international relations in the post-Cold War system
  • National, European, and Euro-Atlantic security. NATO and EU policies and strategies
  • Geopolitics, geostrategy, and military history
  • Crisis management and conflict prevention at the beginning of the XXIst century
  • Consequences on defence resources management of evolutions in the security environment
  • Cyber security, space power, and unified communications
  • The role of strategic communication in consolidating societal resilience
  • Consequences on the field of defence intelligence of the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine


Military science, technologies, aplications, simulation and resources. Cognitive Warfare

(Panel 5 & 7  – co-hosted by Command and Staff College & Interdisciplinary Doctoral School)


  • Strategy and evolutionary trends of military art and science
  • Military operations and evolving operating environments
  • Emergent and disruptive technologies
  • Logistics, financial and defence resources management
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Theoretical and methodological underpinnings of cognitive warfare
  • Cognitive security and cognitive superiority
  • Disinformation, propaganda, and other tools of cognitive attacks
  • Leadership, Education and trainning for cognitive resilience




Under the auspices of STRATEGIES XXI conference - 2023 we would like to gather and express opinions of the latest research results in the fields of global security and national defense in the context of the contemporary military phenomenon.

Papers should be submitted only on the conference website using the camera-ready template model.

All authors must register, and each paper should be covered by one conference fee. 






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