Strategies XXI

International Scientific Conference




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DAY 1 – JUNE27





09.00 – 09.30

Welcome and registration of participants.

Administrative remarks

09.30 – 09.35

Bg.Gen. Eugen MAVRIȘ, PhD

Official opening speech

09.35 – 09.45

H.E. Mr. Eduard BACHIDE

Official opening speech

Panel 1 – Current security challenges in the Black Sea Region

Moderator: Mr. George SCUTARU, PhD

09.45 – 10.30

Gen. Daniel PETRESCU, PhD

H.E. Amb. Cristian DIACONESCU, PhD

Prof. Iulian CHIFU, PhD

10.30 – 10.45

Group foto

10.45 – 11.00

Coffee break

Panel 2 –Geostrategic challenges

Moderator: Assoc.Prof. Alba-Iulia POPESCU, PhD

11.00 – 13.15


International Security and Specific Regional Challenges

Prof. R. Evan ELLIS, PhD Col.

Insights from comparing China’s global engagement in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe

Col. Adrian DUȚĂ

Euro-Atlantic security environment and resilient societies

Prof. Przemysław FURGACZ, PhD

From current wars through trade wars to conventional wars. Realization of old predictions before our eyes.

Prof. Vakhtang MAISAIA, PhD

Russia’s military aggression and strike in Georgia in 2008. Lessons Learned. Geostrategic analysis

Prof. Matthew RHODES, PhD

Euro-Atlantic unity and Russia’s war against Ukraine

13.15 – 13.30

Sponsors’ moment

13.30 – 14.30

Hosted Lunch

Panel 3 – New dynamics in international relations

Moderator: Col. Assoc.Prof. Ștefan-Antonio DAN-ȘUTEU, PhD

14.30 – 16.30

H.E. Amb. Prof. Gabriel MICU,

Romanian diplomacy in the context of regional security

PhD Prof. John R. DENI, PhD

Support for Ukraine - Lessons Learned

Prof. Khatuna CHAPICHADZE, PhD

The new Novorosja Project – Myth or Reality

Prof. Ioannis NOMIKOS, PhD


Western Balkans – European Union integration: security challenges

Assoc.Prof. Alba-Iulia POPESCU, PhD

Geopolitical characteristics of Ponto- Baltic Isthmus and current geopolitical game

16.30 – 16.45

End of Day 1 remarks





Panel 4 – The complex and dynamic nature of the security environment

Moderators: Col. Florian CÎRCIUMARU, PhD




11.00 – 13.30

Col. Emilian CHIREA

The Alliance road from Madrid to Vilnius, challenges, achievements and perspectives - strategic considerations


NATO and EU in confronting the

emerging security challenges

Col. (ret.) Alin BODESCU, PhD

EU cooperation on security and defence in the context of the conflict in Ukraine

Mr. Răzvan BUZATU

Regional Perspectives on Energy Security

Mr. Flavius CABA-MARIA, PhD

New challenges for the defence and security environment. Repercussions in the MENA region

Mr. Robert ANTIS, PhD

Increasing security in the arctic regions

Mr. Mariusz SOLIS

NATO’s Professional Military Education contribution to strengthening regional security and global stability


Lunch Break

Panel 5 – Regional and national security

Moderators: Col. Dan-Lucian PETRESCU, PhD

14.30 – 16.30

Mr. Radoslav IVANČÍK, PhD

On the imperative need to eliminate hybrid threats in the context of the current changes of the security environment

Chief Police Commissioner

Lucian IVAN, PhD

Geopolitical landmarks with security implication


Defining Systemic Instruments in the Contemporary and Future Strategic Nuclear Balance. Applicability to the National Security Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria

Mr. Bogdan VACUSTA

Virtual assets in times of war: the national security implications and the imperative of a national data analysis platform involving the transfer of value across blockchains

Mr. Mihai VLAICU

The expansion of Iran proxy capabilities and the impact on the military industry

Maj. Cristian BOGĂNȚOIU, PhDC

Generation Z and military career


End of Day 1 remarks



DAY 2 – JUNE28



Welcome and registration of participants

Panel 6 - Strategic changes in security and international relations

Moderator: Col. Prof. Dorel BUȘE, Assoc.Prof. Florian BICHIR, PhD




09.00 – 10.30

Prof. Vasile DÎNCU, PhD

Assoc.Prof. Titus CORLĂȚEAN, PhD

Gen. (ret.) Prof. Teodor FRUNZETI, PhD

Maj.Gen. Teodor INCICAȘ, PhD

Chief Commissioner Assoc.Prof. Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI, PhD

10.30 – 10.45

Coffee break

Panel 7 – Current challenges in international security

Moderators: Col. Prof. Dorel BUȘE, PhD, Assoc.Prof. Florian BICHIR, PhD,

Capt. Assoc.Prof. Diana Chiș, PhD

10.45 – 12.45

Ms. Cătălina CUREA, PhDC

National security under the impact of globalisation

Assoc. Prof. Andi Mihail BĂNCILĂ, PhD

Contemporary Hungarian geopolitical ideas and actions

Ms. Rodica LISEANU, PhD

France's position in global tectonics. Geopolitical status and geostrategic developments

Col.(ret.) Anton MURARU, PhD

Some considerations regarding the geopolitics and the geostrategy of the post-Cold War period

Ms. Andreea-Amalia STĂNICĂ, PhDC

Black Sea Security Act - a new programmatic document that brings the Black Sea Region into the light

Ms. Ana-Maria ISPAS, PhDC

The undertaking of international responsibility during armed conflicts

Mr. Constantin NEAGU, PhDC

The spiritual, patriotic, moral and material contribution of the ministers of the holy orthodox altars to the support of Romania's efforts in the war of alliance


Aspects of considering domains, dimensions, and environments

multi-domain operations’ conduct to principles and specificities of international humanitarian law

12.45 – 13.00

Coffee break

Panel 8 – European security in the context of the war of aggression against Ukraine

Moderator:  Assoc.Prof. Alexandru LUCINESCU, PhD

13.00 – 14.30

Bg. Gen. (ret.) Professor Andrzej PAVLIKOVSKY

Russian propaganda in the face of the conflict in Ukraine

Col. (ret.) Associate professor Jarosław SOLARZ, PhD

CBRN threats in the context of the war in Ukraine


Formulating long-term strategic priorities in the national security and defence strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria – geostrategic security and the role of the Black Sea

Prof. Alenius KARI, PhD

Finland’s attitude towards NATO, 1991-2023

Assoc.Prof. Alexandru LUCINESCU, PhD

Explaining the participation of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative. A critical assessment of prominent rationales attributed to this decision

14.30 -14.45

Coffee break

Panel 9 – Russian – Ukrainian conflict and its consequences on defence intelligence

Moderator:  Col. Assoc.Prof. Cristian ICHIMESCU, PhD

14.45 – 16.00

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Adriean PÂRLOG, PhD

Russian Federation aggression against Ukraine. Consequences on defence intelligence field

Mr. Gergelewicz Tomasz, PhD

Information campaign as the tool for building social resilience against disinformation - #Fejkoodporni case study

Col. Alexandru KIȘ, PhD

A projection of the cognitive warfare in human intelligence

Mr. Alexandru ILIE

Intelligence driven operations, the key to operational success

Mr. Sorin CARPEN

Ways to achieve information advantage

Mr. Gabriel POPESCU

The rise of open-source intelligence in the Russia-Ukraine war

16.00 – 16.45

Closing remarks









Welcome and registration of participants

Panel 10 - Resources management and logistics challenges

Moderator: Col. Assoc.Prof. Daniel ROMAN & Col. Prof. Petar MARINOV, PhD

09.00 – 10.30

Maj. George-Ion TOROI, PhDC

Multi-domain deception – contemporary operational requirement

Olga Raluca CHIRIAC, PhD

General systems theory and systems dynamics in operational art

Col. Georgi GEORGIEV, PhD

Understanding the joint logistic support group (JLSG): role, concept, and main challenges

Assoc.Prof. Mădălina SCIPANOV, PhD

The importance of financial resources in the modernization process of the Romanian Army

Mr. Miroslav, DIMITROV, PhD

Studying the experience with the logistics of the Bulgarian contingents in IRAQ SFIR operation


Mr. Sorin PRICOP

The influence of uncertainty on military leadership

10.30 – 10.45

Coffee break

Panel 11 – Technologies, military applications and critical infrastructure protection

Moderator: Col. Assoc.Prof. Daniel ROMAN & Lt.col. Assoc.Prof.  Petrișor PĂTRAȘCU PhD

10.45 – 12.45


Adapting NATO's Integrated Air and Missile Defence to Multi-Domain Operations

Maj. Vlad-Vasile TABACARU

Emerging air threats

Lt. col. Ionuț-Mihai PRUTEANU

Navigating the complexities of air domain operations: adapting to evolving environments

Lt.col. Adrian MIREA, PhDC

Fire support in a joint force operation for national defence

Navy Capt. Assoc.Prof. Lucian-Valeriu SCIPANOV, PhD

Opportunities for exploiting of river-maritime infrastructure in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war

Lt.cdr. Sorin-Adrian MURARI

Maritime security in the Indo-Pacific vision. Threats and risks to the economy

Lt.cdr. Sorin COADĂ

Russian new 2022 maritime doctrine - what has changed?

Col. Silviu-Iulian GIMIGA, PhDC

Emerging and disruptive technologies for defence transformation


Resilience of critical infrastructures in energy field. European energy security milestones - study on the transportation, storage and distribution of hydrogen as a sustainable resource of the energy system

12.45 – 13.00

Coffee break

Panel 12 - Cognitive Warfare

Moderators: Maj. Prof. Adi MUSTAȚĂ, PhD; Col. Assoc.Prof. Ciprian PRIPOAE, PhD

13.00 – 14.30

Mr. Tudor URSEIU, PhDC

Is generative artificial intelligence a black swan in cognitive warfare?

Mr. Darius Marian CRET, PhDC

Use of ChatGPT generative AI in UAV field

Lt.col. Danuț Adrian SERBAN, PhDC

The impact of cognitive warfare on planning and decision-making in military conflicts

Maj. Daniel GABOR, PhDC

Cognitive superiority an emergent aspect of hybrid warfare

Capt. Ilie IFTIME, PhDC

The main tools of cognitive attacks on contemporary society - disinformation and propaganda

Mr. Cătălin-Ovidiu GEORGESCU, PhDC

Cognitive warfare attacks on critical information infrastructure

Mr. Ioan-Cristian GHEORGHIU, PhDC

The fake news phenomenon. history, use, definitions, forms and factors contributing to the acceptance and dissemination of fake news

14.30 – 14.45

Closing remarks






Access for virtual users.
Conference Rooms:


Panels 1,2,3,10,11,12

Room A  -  Auditorium


Panels 4,5,6,7,8,9

Room B - Senate Room